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Dubbo the Centre of a Mystery Rally


Dubbo will be at the heart of an eccentric fundraiser when more than 150 cars depart town on 25 November as part of Mystery Box Rally.

Each car must be older than 25 years and while the finishing line is also Dubbo, the five-day driving route and each night’s stopover will be a complete mystery to the teams taking part.

The rally is the ‘mad baby brother’ of famed Shitbox Rally, the leading individual fundraiser for Cancer Council nationally, devised in 2009 by James Freeman after both his parents died of cancer within 12 months of each other.

“Each Mystery Box stopover location is a secret, adding to the fun of the drive. One thing teams do know is – we’ll be driving remote dirt roads,” James Freeman said.
“As with every one of our rallies, we’ll travel in smaller teams and not every car will make it! But money raised is directed to vital cancer research and we’re proud of the $11.9 million we’ve raised overall from our rallies since 2010.
“This has helped fund research into many different types of cancers, led by outstanding Australian research teams.

“We can’t wait to arrive in Dubbo and see the community come out to support us.”

With names like Lady Car Car, The Volvo-lution, Rusty Bumpers and Some Mothers Do Ave Em, teams from around Australia have been busy fundraising over the past months and going on the actual rally is a reward for all their hard work.

The departure point on Saturday 25 November is Dubbo Showground.

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